Your daily dose of probiotics

This isn’t a meal, it’s a ritual.

We’ve created a super-live probiotic coconut yogurt that helps keep you super regular. You could say we’re kind of religious about probiotics. While traditional pasteurization kills all the good bacteria in yogurt, we lovingly ferment and nurture our precious probiotics instead.

Energize your gut

Stay regular. Keep it weird.

From our organic ingredients to our insistence on glass jars, we give our super-live probiotics everything they need to get things moving. That tangy flavor? That lovely mousse-like texture? That’s all the taste of life, baby. So grab a spoon, and discover the most deliciously odd way to stay regular.

We’re kind 
of religious about probiotics.

From our speciality sourcing 
to our small-batch production and insistence on glass jars, we’re completely devoted to giving our probiotics everything they need to live their best lives. All these sacrifices help them unleash their full miraculous, regularity-boosting potential.

huge digestive benefits

The number one most delicious way to have more number twos.

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