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25 Billion Probiotics Per Serving

Our coconut yogurt is unlike anything else and probably the most powerfully probiotic food you've ever had. We small batch ferment 800 billion highly active probiotics into every quart, creating an insanely probiotic coconut yogurt.

Start With Just A Few Spoonfuls

We recommend starting with just a few spoonfuls and progressing your way to a whole bowl. Think of our yogurt as a replacement for your daily probiotic supplement or as your new favorite yogurt. It’s also safe to eat everyday. We’re warning you, it’s addicting.

Naturally Sour and Tangy Flavor

Our yogurts are fermented with powerful probiotics, which can make them quite sour and tangy.

Safe To Eat During Pregnancy

*Consult your doctor* In our experience, pregnant women have been raving about our coconut yogurt. They claim it has magical effects. As always, use your body as your guide: start off with 1-2 spoonfuls a day so your body can adjust to the powerful probiotics in our yogurts, and then increase depending on how you feel.

3-Week Shelf Life Once Opened

Our coconut yogurts will last for 8 weeks unopened. Once opened, if you take care of it, it will take care of you! Seal the jar tightly, don’t double dip, keep other food particles out of the jar, keep it in the fridge, and it should last for 3 weeks.



“My favorite way to enjoy The Coconut Cult is a few scoops of the cream flavor in a bowl with one of my coconut fat balls, flax seed, cacao nibs and grainless granola. I call it a fat bowl. Yum. When I'm lazy, a tbsp of the cream on a fat ball will do just fine. Extra points for chocolate drizzle."


"The Coconut Cult coconut yogurt is my go to for fermented foods. Its so alive you can hear it fizz when you pop a jar open! All 3 flavors are absolutely delicious and full of highly bio-available strains of probiotic bacteria to keep your micro biome happy. Whenever my stomach is a little upset, a couple tablespoons of coconut cult always brings me right back to balance."


“ I love Coconut Cult just about anyway. I eat a spoonful after meals as a probiotic. I eat a scoop on top of my favorite coconut butter cups for dessert. I eat it for breakfast topped with homemade raw granola and fresh fruit. You really can't go wrong! “


“My absolute favorite way to eat the Mango or Coconut Cream coconut yogurt is straight out of the jar. It's SO rich, creamy and flavorful it honestly doesn't need anything else...BUT it's also great with fruit, smoothies, toast, peanut butter, chocolate, or anything really. I know I'm always receiving a high quality dose of probiotics with The Coconut Cult yogurt.”


“My very favorite way to enjoy the Coconut Cult yogurt is in its purest form - straight out of the jar (using a large spoon for a big bite!). I also love spreading it on my toast and then topping it with fruit and a nut butter for a well-balanced any time snack that keeps my blood sugars in balance and full for hours. I truly can't imagine my life without The Coconut Cult!”


" The Coconut Cult has forever changed the fermented food game. it's my go to for everything really.. i love it with berries and nut butter, on top of smoothies, by the spoonful(s) and with raw treats/chocolates. need i say more? Get some! "


“ Obsessed with the creamy, dreamy, fluffy, probiotic magic that is Coconut Cult! I eat mine on top of nearly every healthified dessert recipe I make! Try the coconut cream with my raw vegan oreo recipe and a drizzle almond butter on top -- game and life changing! “

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