Subscription Updates

Change is good! 

We’ve got some pretty good news for you, cult members! We have some exciting updates about your subscription that we think will make you very happy :)

  1. Harvest Strawberry is here to stay in our core lineup for subscribers! You can now add this flavor to your subscription box, along with our other 2 core flavors, Chocolate Mousse and Original, anytime.  Now that we have our Utah facility up and running, it has allowed us to make a lot more yogurt and to keep things much more consistent moving forward, so exciting!  And don’t worry, just because we’re bringing in another core flavor, doesn’t mean that we’ll be taking anything away. 
  2. As always, we have a lot of amazing limited edition flavors in the works that we know you’ll love.  In addition to the brand new limited edition flavor of the month, we will continue to bring you a re-release flavor every month. For example, in July we released Chocolate Banana Bread with our friends at HU which was a brand new flavor, but we also re-released Orange Dreamsicle from a few months ago! This allows new subscribers to try previously released flavors, and for current subscribers to enjoy their favorite flavors again! 
  3. Rollover to keep things simple. You no longer need to login to your account to add the limited edition flavor of the month. If you have a limited flavor in your box in any given month, your cart will automatically switch to the following month's limited flavors after your order process.  
  4. If for any reason you aren’t thrilled with the limited flavors of the month, you can login to your account up to 5 days before your next order date and either skip, or change your flavor(s).

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