Noah's Travel Tips

This time of year usually calls for a lot of travel, and with travel comes increased germ exposure. Below are Noah & Britt's top 3 tips for staying healthy on the road!

1. Plan your meals. Understand what your food options are ahead of time. Whether you're driving or flying, make a plan for where or what you will eat. Most food is TSA approved! All food is roadtrip approved. Try to make healthy choices and avoid foods that will lower your immune system such as alcohol, added sugar, fast food, fried food, processed food, highly refined carbs, and processed meat. 

2. Bring your favorite immune boosting supplements and start taking them a week or two before you travel for the ultimate immune boost. Some of our favorites are from Organic Olivia's online store: Immune Shroom, Elderberry Elixir, ZincPlus+Microbiome Guard Tincture, and of course our super-live probiotic coconut yogurt!

3. Stay calm. Stress can lower your immune system in a really big way. Avoid caffeine, or at least limit it, and take supplements with adaptogens that are known to alleviate stress and anxiety, such as ashwagandha, chamomile, turmeric, cordyceps, eleuthero, and lavender. Adrenal Recovery from Organic Olivia is a great all-in-one supplement to keep it easy, as well as Seeking Health's Adrenal Nutrients. Listening to a guided meditation is also a great hack for calming nerves or anxious energy. Insight Timer is a free app that we use often. It has thousands of meditations that target specific things. 

There are so many other ways to keep yourself healthy while traveling, but these are our non-negotiables. Be sure to prioritize your sleep on vacation, as well as getting in some sort of daily movement and sunlight -- even if it's just a brisk walk in the morning!

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