Meet Brittany, the writer behind the blogs!

Meet Brittany, the writer behind the blogs!

Hey cult family, Brittany here, 👋🏼 Noah’s wife.  I’m not sure I’ve ever “officially” introduced myself, but I figured better late than never.  Before working with the cult full-time, I was an elementary teacher for many years, then transitioned into being a health coach, fitness and yoga instructor, and recipe developer.  That’s actually how I met Noah! Well that, and thanks to Instagram, ha! We have lots of similar passions and have a lot of fun doing life together. 

Noah and I were chatting earlier this week and realized that we typically only connect with you all over on Instagram and TikTok.  We want to change that.  Even though I’ve been writing the emails for quite some time now, we really want to start connecting and sharing more of our day-to-day lives with our amazing community here on more of a personal level.  We often get asked health and food advice on social platforms, so we figured we’d bring it here to our blog so that people can share or revisit their favorite articles.

Here’s what to expect: 

  1. New flavor launches, this one is a given! 

  2. Health tips, hacks, and our favorite brands. 

  3. Monthly founder note from Noah on things like company wins and challenges, behind the scenes, new product launches, factory updates, etc.   

  4. Product education — diving deeper into the world of probiotics and gut health.

  5. Recipes — sometimes using our yogurt, sometimes not.

  6. Travel tips and places we love and recommend.

I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone and I know Noah is too. We’ll be working closely together to create blog ideas that we think you’ll resonate with.  If you have any requests, feel free to DM us on Instagram or write our customer support team.

Talk soon,


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