February Founder Favs

In honor of Valentine's Day, here are a few things our founder, Noah, is currently loving:
  1. Mattolle Valley Naturals grassfed goats milk protein powder: Great for smoothies, oatmeal, and chia pudding. I've been drinking this almost daily and feel so nourished and energized after. All their proteins are great — I just do best with goat products.
  2. Pass the Honey honeycomb: Fresh cut honeycomb that's great for snacking.  This is my go-to midday snack because it gives me a nice boost of energy and tastes great!
  3. Seed Oil Scout: An app that you can use to scout out restaurants that either use no seed oils (canola, soy, cottonseed, grapeseed, sunflower, safflower corn etc.) at all, or have plenty of options to avoid them. Seed oils can cause a variety of health concerns, especially if consumed in large amounts or daily, and unfortunately, the majority of restaurants, even the "nice" and expensive ones, use these oils in all of their menu items. I avoid seed oils at all costs, and this app makes it easy. I use this app a few times a week, especially when I travel.
  4. Yes Bar: Yes Bars are a nutty, chewy cookie bars. I always have a Yes Bar in my backpack. Great for when I'm having a sweets craving or just need a little pick-me-up. So tasty!
  5. OFY clothing: I live in these clothes! Cut, sewn and dyed in Los Angeles, CA, sold at their storefront in Miami, FL and online. Unique and comfortable, plus the owner is a great guy that I'm happy to support. Check out this small business and show them some love! All clothing is unisex.
  6. Working from Outside: Ever since I moved to Miami, FL, it has given me the opportunity to work outside even more than I used to in California. I take all my meetings sitting in the sunshine, walking on the beach, or cozied up in my backyard. I recognize that this is a privilege that not everybody has, but if you can swing it even a few times a week, I challenge you to set up your office outside and notice what a difference it makes in your workday to be able to get some fresh air and do a little grounding. It keeps my stress levels down and my energy up!
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