A NON-Dairy
Super probiotic
coconut yogurt

The Coconut Cult believes in good health, and good health starts in the gut. Consuming foods high in probiotic cultures can have a tremendous effect on our overall well-being, helping us to live better lives. Our mission is to offer a dairy-free yogurt and beverage alternative that's higher in activated probiotics than anything else on the market.


800 billion probiotics!

We chop up only the highest quality organic Thai coconuts, pureeing their meat and water into a creamy vegan coconut milk. Then we small batch ferment 800 billion highly active probiotics into every quart, creating an insanely probiotic coconut yogurt. Our coconut yogurt is unlike anything else and quite likely the most powerfully probiotic food you've ever had. Let the coconut culture you.

Do you want to join our cult?

Approximately 200 miles northwest of LA sits a small peaceful island home to an incredibly fertile patch of coconut trees and The Coconut Cult. Our completely fictitious dietary cult is descended from a long line of hippie nuts who've falsely preached the secret to a healthy life was consuming only coconuts... We've discovered nothing could be further from the truth. In our experience restrictive diets are unsustainable and unreliable. We're different. We believe in doing whatever makes you happy and eating whatever makes you feel good. So come on, get happy and join The Coconut Cult.


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