Frequently asked questions

Q: Where do the human strains come from?  What is the source?

Human strain probiotics are derived from the human gut. But the original culture was acquired 30 years ago, and the strains have been purified in labs so that they are completely safe, carrying no harmful residue as just the strains themselves have survived. We use the best available super probiotics in our coconut yogurts.

For more detailed information on the history and process of Elemental Wizdom's strain development visit their website:

Q: How should this yogurt be consumed? 

A: We recommend starting with just a few spoonfuls and progressing your way to a whole bowl. Think of our yogurt as a replacement for your daily probiotic supplement or as your new favorite yogurt.

Q: How often should I eat it?

A: This yogurt is safe to eat everyday. We're warning you, it's addicting.

Q: How long should I keep my yogurt after opening?

A: For the best probiotics benefits try not to keep the jar for more than 3-4 weeks, eat up! Avoid double dipping by using a clean spoon to serve into your eating bowl.

Q: Does your yogurt have any side effects?

A: Some people have experienced various reactions to the yogurt that are a result of the probiotics going to work. Stomach cramps, rumbles and active bowels may be normal. If side effects persist, slow down on the magic yogurt Kemosabe.

Q: Why is my yogurt sour?

A: Our yogurts are fermented with powerful probiotics, which can make them quite sour or tangy, with a bubbly effervescence. This is normal, and we recommend new Cult members start with a single spoonful a day to give their body and tastebuds time to adjust!

Q: Is it safe for my kids to eat?

A: Of course. They will thank you for it later.

Q: Why are your probiotics so powerful?

A: Most probiotic supplements are freeze-dried, which basically means they're hibernating. We wake up the most powerful strains and ferment them into our coconuts. Our probiotics are super awake, powerful and ready to go to work.

Q: What do I do with the liquid at the bottom of the jar?

A: The fermented coconut water may often settle to the bottom. Don't panic! This liquid can be drunk and consumed to have equal probiotic effect, try not to stir it. 

Q: Will it give me magic powers?

A: Maybe.